Nederlandse Les TekenenDutch in Sydney offers private lessons that are motivating, interesting and tailored to the level and goals of each student.

For language acquisition it is important to be exposed to the language as often as possible and to practice speaking, writing and reading in many different ways. As you learn more quickly when it’s fun and interesting, we make sure that we use themes and subjects that motivate our students. We use various games and assignments to improve your (child’s) confidence when speaking in Dutch. Our teachers are qualified and experienced and are able to cater to everyone’s needs.

Young children – play and learn sessions
These lessons are a lot of fun and very play based, we choose themes that corresponds with the daily life and interests of the children. We focus on both listening and speaking during the session to improve the children’s vocabulary, speech and self-esteem when speaking Dutch. Some examples of activities around a theme are storybooks, playing with hand puppets, worksheets, language games and songs.
When teaching young children it is essential that they are engaged, so we work hard to achieve this by making all the lessons as fun as possible.

Nederlandse Les Schrijven

Older children / adults – Dutch language class When teaching older children and adults we use a more formal lesson plan to make sure we set the right goals and focus on the areas that require additional attention (like sentence structure and pronunciation). In addition to improving listening and speaking skills, we also focus to improve reading and writing skills.

Due to the formal lesson plan and goals that you set together with your teacher, we recommend you to book the lessons in a package of 10.

Class options

  • Private 1:1
    Costs are $65 per hour.
  • Group lesson (2-5 students per group)
    Costs are $35 per student, per hour
  • Class duration is usually 1 hour, but it’s optional to book a longer session
  • Classes are weekly, but it is possible to book in more sessions if you are looking for an intensive course
  • Teachers can travel to your home/office and classes are organised based on your suburb and availability.